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Change the scan name in Visual Studio

You can rename a scan from the name Veracode assigned to it during scanning. For example, you might need to add a unique identifier to each scan name for tracking purposes.


This topic is for the new Veracode Static for Visual Studio released April 2022. For the legacy versions of Veracode Static for Visual Studio, see Veracode Static for Visual Studio (Legacy).

You perform this task in the Custom Workflow window.


After renaming a scan, you must start the scan from the Custom Workflow window to retain the custom name. If you start a scan outside the Custom Workflow window, such as from the top-level menu, or close the window, the scan name reverts to the dynamically-generated name that Veracode assigned to it. To revert to the previous scan name without exiting the Custom Workflow window, select Sync.

To complete this task:

  1. In Visual Studio, select Veracode Static Analysis > Advanced Options > Custom Workflow.

  2. In the Scan Name field, edit the scan name value. For example: ID-4214-MyApp

    In the Custom Workflow window, you can now run Build + Package or switch between sandboxes or the policy scan while retaining the custom name.

  3. If you want to run a scan, click Run Scan in the Custom Workflow window to retain the custom name.