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Bulk upload and assign the same user roles to all new users

You can assign all your Security Labs users the same user roles when you bulk upload new users in a CSV file. You can bulk upload a maximum of 100 users per upload.

Before you begin:

You must be a Security Labs administrator for a standalone Security Labs account. Bulk user upload is not available through the Veracode Platform.

To complete this task:

  1. Select your username in the top-right corner of the Security Labs page to open the menu.

  2. Select All users. The list of users for your organization opens.

  3. Scroll down to the add new users section, and select Bulk upload via CSV.... The Bulk Invite New Users window opens.

  4. Select Select the roles to apply to all your users.


    You may see a (default) role selected in the roles section. The Veracode Platform always applies this role to all your users whether you include it in your CSV file or not.

  5. Select the checkbox next to one or more roles you want to assign to all your new users.

  6. Format a CSV with one user per row, and these user details:

    • Email
    • Name
    • Either true or false to enable or disable admin permissions

    Refer to this example CSV format:

    [email protected], name, true
    [email protected], name, false
  7. In the Veracode Platform, select Upload....

  8. Upload your CSV file.