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Linking Dynamic Analysis results

The Dynamic Analysis application linking feature allows you to link scan results to an application profile in the Veracode Platform.

You can manually or automatically link analysis results to an application. You can also use the REST API.

The application linking feature allows you to:

  • View the results of all types of scans aggregated in a single report.
  • Access reports in the Veracode Platform to identify crawled and attacked links.
  • Save results from each subsequent scan without overriding the results of the previous scan.
  • Use the Veracode Platform to review the application policy evaluation.

Linking to a scan requires an existing application profile in the Veracode Platform.

Veracode recommends following these guidelines when linking Dynamic Analysis scans to a Veracode application profile:

Application Profile Restrictions

  • By default, Dynamic Analysis does not automatically create applications during the linking process. If you want Veracode to create applications, use the respective auto-linking option.
  • You can link one URL to one application. This manual step requires you to map each URL to an existing application profile.

Application Linking Prerequisites

  • Application linking succeeds only if a Dynamic Analysis request in an application profile is complete. Verify the status of any Dynamic Analysis requests within the profile. If you have permission, delete an incomplete request before attempting to link the application. Incomplete statuses include:

    • Prescan Complete
    • Scan in Progress
    • Prescan Failed
  • You cannot link an application profile that contains an in-progress Dynamic Analysis. You must delete the in-progress Dynamic Analysis and unlink the application profile. You can then link another application profile.

Scan Frequency

Veracode recommends that you configure recurring schedules to ensure that the results automatically link to the application profiles for future scans.


If you configure a recurring schedule but do not link the URLs to the application profiles, the next time the scan runs using that schedule, the new results override the previous results.

Application Profile Scan Actions

Do not use any actions under the application profile menu for Dynamic Analysis scans linked to an application.